Egypt day

What a day! The children learned so much about the Ancient Egyptians. There were quizzes, games, measuring in cubits, mummification, crowning of the pharaoh and much more.


PE 21.05.19

We enjoyed learning how to play Spikeball (a hybrid of four square and volleyball).

Portals to the Past – 25.05.19

Dear Parents and Carers,

Year 5 are running a workshop on Ancient Egyptian life and culture this Friday. It will be a fantastic opportunity for the children to enhance and consolidate their learning on this topic. We are asking for a contribution from parents and carers of £5. We really appreciate your support.

Yours faithfully,

Miss Nakibinge

MURAL FILM SHOOT – we need YOU! Saturday 4 May, 9am-10am


I am the director/ producer of a documentary film, The Wonderful Walk, about the regeneration of Herne Hill station underpass and creation of the amazing 40 metre mural, which many of you helped to colour in last September on World Record Day.
For the final scenes of the film, I’m planning an amazing shoot involving the mural and lots of members of the community – particularly the children and adults who coloured it in. This is where you all come in!
We’re going to take the original, finished mural, in all its sections, unroll it and piece it together on the grass at Dulwich Sports Ground, with everyone helping, and children holding down the edges once it’s in place. We’ll film the process at ground level, and then do a drone shot, rising overhead, so that we have an aerial view of the whole mural and lots of members of our community.  It will be the only opportunity to see the entire mural in one shot, to truly understand its scale and magnificence. Come and marvel, point at the square you coloured in, and generally join in the fun!
Date & TimeSaturday 4th May, 9am sharp to 10am 
LocationDulwich Sports Ground, Turney Road, SE21 7JH 
Car Parking: Only enough space for the organising team and disabled (along the private road and where Nelly’s Nursery is marked on map).  Please come by public transport / on foot / bike. It’s only a few minutes from the No 3 bus stop in Croxted Road.
Participants: All are welcome, adults and children, able and disabled – there’s room for hundreds of people! Please do spread the word – though not on social media (we are keeping this under wraps). Particularly we would love to see anybody who was at the colouring-in day, including children from the eight schools who participated.
Sorry, no dogs. 
Clothes: Please wear bright colours so that we can see you from above (not green or black)! Soft flat shoes.
Film consent: This is a private, closed space. By being there and participating, you will be giving your consent to be filmed. Please see attached form for details.
Social media: Please don’t announce this on social media in advance (except on private accounts to Friends only)
Film screening: The 25-30min film, The Wonderful Walk (which will be the new name for the Station Underpass, dreamed up by competition-winner Oskar), will be premiered at Herne Hill Free Film Festival on 1st June in Herne Hill Station Square. There will be live piano from 8pm, film programme from 9pm. It’s free, and you’re all warmly invited.
Look forward to seeing you on Saturday!
Tideturner Films